moge69 prompt of HIGH SCHOOL AU

i’ve done art of that before so now it was this supreme trashbag’s time to shine

what is your other blog? If I would've known I wouldn't have missed out on your amazingness over the past month D:

i don’t give out the URL publicly for obvious reasons, if you’d like to have it please ask off anon!

i’m sure if i did come back to using this blog as my regular blog i’d lose like at least half the 2k followers i amassed since i started using this only as an art blog anyway tho lol

I know this is kinda weird but I miss you ! when this was your main blog you used to be a lot on my dash and I always saw your art but now I barely do it D:

yeah, i’ve noticed actually that some of my art gets fewer notes now that this isn’t my main blog anymore — not necessarily for any particular reason but my posts get less recognition i imagine — but i don’t really think i’m comfortable coming back here? it’s something to consider if i keep my other personal and just reblog stuff there i dont feel comfortable reblogging here, i guess, but i’m not sure if i’m ready to come back to this many followers when the entire reason i left was because it was too much for me to deal with. i’ll consider it though i suppose

do you still like samewada?

OF COURSE I LOVE SAMEWADA OH MAN they are one of my top moge OTPs….. just because i dont draw them as much now doesnt mean i care about them any less! i just tend to draw when the inspiration strikes, y’know? i’m sure you’ll see samewada on here again sooner or later!


for the moge69 prompt “fighting”. captions included.

Are you proud of yourself as a person, then? Of who you are and how you think?

sorry anon but thats a little too personal for me to feel comfortable talking about here of all places, i deliberately made an effort to separate my private side from this blog and i’d like to keep it that way. if you’re really so curious i’d rather you ask me on my personal blog.

What do you think of your own art? Are you proud of your work?

this is kind of an oddly unprompted question but… usually i’m pretty proud of it, i guess? i’m not a professional in any way, nor do i ever plan to be, but it’s my biggest life passion and my favourite hobby so i pretty much exclusively draw things for my own enjoyment, and that comes with the bonus of being happy with most of what i draw… skill-wise i’m always improving little by little, and some days im more happy with my progress than others. it’s hard to have a good art day every day after all

basically sometimes i have moments of doubt or dissatisfaction but for the most part im happy with my art, and if anything i’m proud of how much i’ve improved as an artist in almost 8 years of drawing. it might sound kind of weird, but sometimes i look back at the idols i used to have way back when i first started drawing and see how my own skills have surpassed the works i admired so much since then… i’ve definitely come a long, long way, and honestly i hope that if anything i can succeed in inspiring somebody else out there to draw until they surpass me too.

hi, i was wondering if you could help me. i remember you drawing a bruised and cut up samemi awhile back but i cant seem to find it. if you have it on hand, would you mind linking me the post?

do you mean this? it’s the only thing i can think of having posted here fitting that description…

Hm, your reactions are quite boring, so you can consider yourself officially left alone. Anyway, go enjoy some Christine Love otome games where you can ship already female characters together, friend. (Her stories are good, too - honestly.)


what does this even mean? lol are you some kind of anime antihero or something?

What dimensions do you usually make your canvas? p.s. I love your mogeko art!! ahhh

thank you so much! i usually make my canvases at least 1000 px wide/tall so that i can use the high res version later should i choose to. i used to draw on really small canvases but i rarely do that anymore.

I was thinking about ordering something from your redbubble store, and I was just wondering if the url/tumblr credit on the bottom of your "Armin Arlert defense squad" design will be there on the product that I order? Thank you in advance!

sorry but yeah, it will be — it’s my most recognized thing so at the time i was smart enough to put my signature on it. i’ll update it eventually with my aryll signature but estellecampanella redirects here, so

Actually I was saying that because there are enough female sports anime (there are a few lists going around on tumblr so you know... search that) for you to make them out into lesbians as opposed to making male characters (that actually don't have romantic relationships either and are only in friendships) into girls because of your preference. And yuri caters to the male gaze? What does yaoi cater to lol? I hate yaoi because of many reasons but most yuri I've read is actually not male orientated
  1. i dont like sports anime. i literally just like haikyuu!! that’s literally it. why would i go looking for female sports anime when i dont like sports anime? plus this doesn’t address the inherent issue with very few female sports animes being free of objectification or fetishization, having a compelling storyline and characters equal to mainstream sports anime, having an artstyle i like, etc
  2. dont tell me what to do
  3. your homophobic is showing
  4. dont tell me what to do
  5. the yuri industry is blatantly male gaze focused and trying to compare that to the yaoi industry being female gaze focused is fucking absurd, if you dont get why then you’re a moron
  6. dont tell me what to do
  7. "most yuri i’ve read is not actually male oriented" what the fuck kind of planet are you living on
  8. don’t tell me what to do
this meme is going to be dead tomorrow so i’m making the fucking most of it while i still can

this meme is going to be dead tomorrow so i’m making the fucking most of it while i still can

For the first picture in the photoset you just posted, if you look at sal's face normally his eyes look fine, but if you click the image to zoom he gets these thick black lines directly under both eyes, not really important , but a heads up!

actually i noticed that like 15 seconds after i posted it, it was a transparency error — i fixed it like a minute later but i think some people already reblogged it before i could lol