would you accept anyones request to follow that private twitter or? sorry I'm just curious.

yep i’ll accept requests but i’ll probably check your twitpage first beforehand just to be safe… honestly i don’t really care that much about who follows it so long as it stays private. im just more concerned about people looking for dirt or receipts material trying to follow it so they can use my Problematic Artwork (TM) against me somehow

quick question; i decided to lurk your twitter to see what you were cooking up artwise. and i noticed you said something about creating a twitter for side art but it seems to be closed for uh.. "special" reasons. do you plan on posting any art from there elsewhere? (like tumblr.) i'd feel really creepy creating a twitter just to see them. (´Д`) thank you for your time.


i really wouldn’t care if you created a twitter just to see my very occasional nsfw art, cause that locked account is the only place i feel comfortable posting it… you have a chance of maybe seeing it on pixiv in the future if you know what my pixiv account is and i feel brave enough to put it there, but other than that you’re probably out of luck, anon :(

Is it just me, or do fandoms of sports anime tend to ignore or even hate the female characters?

sports anime culture is very male-centric and usually leaves the female characters in sexist roles like designated eye candy or as annoying obstacles. so yeah, often times sports anime fandoms gather an anti-female atmosphere within them. this is not always the case and it is not always to the same degree of severity but yes, it definitely happens. anything where men become the primary focus often results in a backlash against the women involved.

psst have you considered putting a watermark on your artwork? :/

i have but um watermarks are fucking hideous and i shouldn’t have to defile my own artwork to remind other people not to be gigantic dicks? lol

Uhh just asking but has sandragtp asked for permission to post and edit your art? (as a credit they put a direct link to the picture) /post/98483907356/wadanohara-and-the-great-blue-sea-original

thank you so much for letting me know, anon — no, i didn’t give them permission to repost that, or to edit it… ugh, i’m really mad looking at that lmao how disrespectful can you get

they don’t have their ask box or submissions open, so the best i can do is just report the post and hope tumblr will take it down soon. again, thank you, i appreciate you guys being so helpful with this kind of stuff!

more twitter doodles, mostly prompts from moge69

what have i done

please, for the love of god, stop reposting my artwork. i didn’t even post some of these drawings to pixiv and they’re still being blatantly ripped directly off of my blog. this is getting ridiculous. i shouldn’t even have to make a post like this, let alone have to put it in my sidebar and on my twitter.


"I like mogeko and their art style but im not sure if i can handle the horror in mogeko castle and wadanoha-"

play the gray garden

"I want a cute rpg maker game with queer characters!"

play the gray garden

"I want a cast of unique and lovable queer characters!"

play the gray garden

"I loved wadanohara/mogeko castle but now that i beat it i dont know what to do with my li-"

play it

"i want-"

the gray-ass fuckin garden

please this is the most important post i can think of

Hey, I don't know if anyone else has notified you yet but the tumblr account gamesrpgmaker reposted some of your artwork.

thank you so much, anon! um, do you mind linking me to the posts? i’ve found one, but im not sure if you saw any others…

just wondering, which of the characters in the gray garden are canon lesbians?

yosafire and froze are canon! and yosafire in particular has been shown to have zero interest in men several times in the game. plus chelan and dialo, as well as rawberry and macarona, both have each other as their respective “likes: _____” in the endgame bonus room, which mogeko often uses to state romantic love between characters. so its safe to say you can consider those two pairings canon as well, even if they aren’t the focus.

EDIT: OH, and reficul (the passing demon in the game) has a lot of supplementary artwork/information from mogeko devoted to her that shows she has a wife! (sin) and they have a kid together (mors). so at least four confirmed couples, though there are definitely many more.

hello there! just a tiny anon here to report that tumblr user galaxy-drop is reposting your artwork. their askbox isn't open, so i couldn't tell them to take it down myself. ;; The next best option was telling you, soooo!! that's all! if you want links to the reposted artworks, then just tell me in your reply. o:

ahh thanks, a lot of people sent me messages about this and i didnt see them until now since i’ve been so busy with school starting up. i reported their posts to tumblr, so thank you again very much for letting me know!


Guess who got more stickers!

!!!!!!!!!!! you have my armin badge sticker and elena's sousuke badge sticker! we're both really good friends/schoolmates irl that is such a perfect coincidence that you have them both!

☆ Mogeko 69 Minutes Twitter ☆


Hey guys, for those of you who are fans of any of mogeko’s works, I just recently started a mogeko 69 minutes twitter account!


It’s a twitter account devoted to posting art prompts to inspire fanartists. Basically if you haven’t heard of 69 minutes twitters before now, the twitter posts a prompt (ex: high school au) and later on at a set time artists have 69 minutes to draw a prompt related to it. The rules are super chill though so don’t stress too much about it, and the details are on the twitter’s page.

I’m hoping to gather some interest before I start posting prompts to it, so if this is your thing, please consider following or retweeting on twitter, or reblogging this post! Thanks guys! 

☆ https://twitter.com/mogeko_69mins 

The first prompt starts tonight! Yahoo!

hi and hello! I really hope you don't mind me asking this and forgive me if you have answered this before. I really love your shirts that you have for sale on your store and I would like to buy your wadanohara ones, but just curious did you get mogeko's permission before selling them? Sorry if this is rude to ask at all.

hey there anon! this isn’t a rude question, it’s actually pretty reasonable. mogekos stated that created fan merchandise is acceptable so long as it’s clearly fan merch and isn’t claimed as your original content. I’m also not really making a profit off of the mogeko stuff in my store because the royalties are low and I put them back into basically paying to keep the store up, ie, my internet. basically I didn’t send them an email expressly asking permission for my singular case because it’s been stated as acceptable already.

I hope this answers your question!

disclaimer: i dont doubt satanick’s probability of hitting on literally any variant of eticalb because who would i be kidding